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{December 18, 2011}   Omen

I must ask why.
Must I?
I must.
Photo courtesy coniferous trees on a seashore © Dmitri Zakovorotny #32516222

There is no why..
It just is and why
Becomes obsession.

When do words become rhythmic
Or poetry becomes prose?

It’s when the ocean splatters in the air
When the sun melts across grey skies,
And when the albatross sings a luring tune in passing…
Follow! Soars to the canyon top and falls back then
Skating endlessly out to blue

Even so
Rocky shores remain …
Beautiful …
And here the graceful glider will perch.

Envy roots into sunken boulders
That will one day erode as relentless pounding tides
Disintegrate into gentle teasing ripples.
It is the era of my loneliness.

Remembrance of
Moody southern breezes and salty seas
Sprays across my face.

It was the deceptive tickles of warm white sands underneath our feet and the descent into tempting, tepid emerald waters
The arrogance of braving God’s fury on the shore when
Magnanimous lightning flashes seemed so distant in Western skies.

So very far away we thought…
We dared to ask why.

After all is over and silence calms the waters,
The price is waiting
For the return of the albatross.



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